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Kathy and Opie Gallery
Opie and Kathy got very close near Kathy's last days, it's almost like they knew we were going to put Kathy down. Very sad, but it was her time, Kathy was 2 years past her breeds life expectancy and she was showing her age. Accidents in the house which was not her way, trouble getting up and down from the floor, etc. She was an important member of the family and will be missed. Opie goes over to stare at and sniff the bag occasionally, with Kathy's hair and tags inside.
the trip to Portland gallery
...the long trip to Portland to pick up Prudence, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. We stayed at a dog friendly hotel though we didn't get her until the next morning. Had the Columbia River on the right side the whole trip, sometimes water on both sides of the road. Desert scenery almost to Portland before we started seeing trees. Obviously an old volcanic area, lava had all been upshot's not flows.
Prudence Gallery
And our new addition to the family, Prudence. She's half the size Max was, he was mostly white, whereas she is mostly brown, though typical head white/brown markings. She has worked out beautifully, personality is very loving. When she's not exploring, her favorite spot is either along my side or in my lap. The breeder let her go because she is too small for the breed, which is true though works out perfectly for a lapdog, half the size of our first Cavalier, Max. Once she'd put Opie in his place they actually play and are working out their relationship.

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