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Passed from this life Tuesday, April 17, 2001 at 1530. Over Easter weekend she became so weak she could barely stand. The vet diagnosed a bleeding abdominal tumor, and with her age the only real choice was to ease her passing. It was not an easy decision, I cried for two days prior knowing the path to follow, and fell apart the day of. I firmly believe that we assume a certain responsibility to, and duty for our charges, to whit she did not pass on among strangers, nor alone, or suffering in pain.

Shantree Krystal's Hope was named after her two predecessors combined names.

My first Shetland Sheepdog was Velveteen's Blue Shantree (a blue merle) and her daughter, Shantree's Midnight Krystal (a tri-color), their picture is on page 17 of the pdf book and below on left 4 down.

Shantree was a tri-color; mostly black and white with splashes of brown. Her unusual coloring was the white forehead spot had trailers of white to both her collar and nose. Most tri's have the white spot but not the connecting trailers.

Though she was with me about fifteen years I vividly remember the first time I saw her, she was part of the only litter available in San Diego County at the time I was looking. Sheri went with me and she preferred her brother, but I immediately took to Shannie and brought her home.

She helped me through a lot of times, a loving gentle personality. I trusted her judgment of the girls I dated during that time period, if she didn't warm up to them, I didn't either.

With my upbringing, she was not an animal nor a pet, but, a valued member of the family. I grieved as much for her as I would for anyone else I know. It was even harder at the end when you could see her dignity was hurting her as much as her illness. As much as it hurt, it is the way she would have wanted it. Her passing has left a deep hollow in me, and I will always miss her. May she rest in peace. If there is a dog heaven, I know she is playing there. . . On her last few days she was pretty wasted and just laid there. Not in pain, just wore out.

During the end she went lethargic, abdominal aneurism, spent her last two days together before taking her in to ease her transition to the next life.

Her ashes sit on my desk to be added to mine when I pass on.

 You could tell she wasn't feeling well, she wouldn't move herself or even lift her head, but no pain.

This is one of those situations where you can tell Shantree just tolerated someone I loved.

I trusted her judgment of people more than my own.

Needless to say, it didn't work out between me and her.

She was around when we got Y2K.

Shantree, with Haley and Y2K.

Shannie loved children and other pets in the house.

Whose playing with whose toys?
This is the original Shantree on the left, with her daughter Krystal. We were inseparable. Very close, how many dogs would stay there just to be close?
Even close to other pets, here with my cat Samantha. Her favorite spot. Went on a lot of hikes together. Very tolerant...
They were inseparable too. Neither knew they weren't supposed to get along. In my first apartment in Kirkland.
She would throw a fit if we were in the pool without her. Surveying her kingdom. . .
Our first home together.


I did not lose an animal,
I lost a companion.

I did not lose a pet,
I've lost a friend.

My voice chokes
when I talk of you.

My eyes water
when I think of you.

My heart fills
with the hope your in a better place.

I stood by in your hour of need
as you did so many times for me.

I miss you so terrible,
never another to equal.

Rest easy, my friend,
I will join you when my time comes.

I loved you, I love you,
always a place in my heart.

Rest in peace, Shantree,

your toil is done.


I held my best friend as she went to sleep for the last time...

May she rest in peace, she is greatly missed and I look forward to throwing airballs for her to chase again someday when I join her in the next life.

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